Management Team
Our team has a wealth of business management, marketing, data and financial experience, gained from positions held within start-up, SME, and blue chip organisations. Each member of the team is committed to delivering the highest quality of service for your organisation.

Meet them here:

Christopher Hollins

Christopher Hollins

Bursting with ideas guy, publisher, marketer and co-founder of Buzzing Lab Solutions, Chris has built up over 20 years experience in senior management roles. His business talents were evident at the tender age of 8 when he set up an unofficial (under the table) bar at an uncle and aunts wedding reception, charging unsuspecting guests for their ‘free’ drinks. He took the not insignificant telling off that followed in his stride and undeterred, years later successfully climbed the marketing ladder in B2C with stints at WH Smith and IPC Media, the latter where he was one of the team that launched Marie Claire into the news trade. He then shifted his attention to B2B and joined a rapidly expanding Quantum Business Media, helping in its growth from a £1m business to its subsequent sale for over £30m in 2004.

In 2005 Chris launched Arberry Pink, a leading specialist in diversity, graduate and student recruitment. He also joined, as Director, International Marketing Reports, a sports marketing and sponsorship publisher. Following this adventure he spent 3 years heading up a marketing, book publishing and digital subscription division at B2G political communications firm, Dods. In 2013 Chris in partnership with long-standing colleague Puneet set his sights on a new business venture Buzzing Lab Solutions, which, launched in August.

Away from a busy business life, Chris has always been a keen sports player and fan, with Cricket, Golf, Football and Tennis topping his list. He is sociable, charismatic and possesses a healthy sense of humour. He is a determined character but wherever possible, likes to achieve goals through empowering others and collaborative teamwork. Few if any situations stress him, perhaps one exception, being enclosed in a very small space at a very great height!

Puneet Bharadwaj

Puneet Bharadwaj

Buzzing with energy, a serial entrepreneur who thrives in the business development arena and has a keen eye for detail, Puneet holds a Masters degree in Business Management, from the UK and brings over 16 years of rich experience gained within the Finance, Media and Telecommunications sectors. Since 2005, he has been involved with large outsourcing companies in India, UK and USA, managing such key portfolios as business development, project and strategy management.

His business career started when he was 20 with an internship at Siemens, Germany in the corporate communications and marketing department. He returned to India, working in leading advertising firms and large corporate houses including Hughes and Tata. In the early 2000’s and with India poised to become a global economic giant, he knew he needed to standout in the huge talent pool available and gained his international business degree from Birmingham, UK. Puneet went on to work with Empost in London as head of Sales and Marketing and as a management consultant for Incapsulate in the US. At the latter he was instrumental in defining the company’s outsourcing strategy.

Upon his next return to India he worked for two large outsourcing companies, Datamatics and SKP Group before founding Neo Kinetic Services, an IT outsourcing company and more recently tickets2holidays, which assists large corporates in managing their travel requirements.

Puneet’s greatest assets are his management and leadership skills. He identifies that retaining good staff is paramount to business success. He also sees that it helps employees map out a clear career development plan for themselves.

Away from work, Puneet is very sociable and spends a lot of time networking. He loves his sport, particularly Cricket. He represented his home state in Athletics and Handball and was awarded ‘Best NCC cadet in his state’. He also works with a not-for-profit organisation in supporting underprivileged children in Mumbai with their development.